Last year we had our Dilla Day celebration where we created a free, Jay Dee inspired beat tape (which is still available in our MUSIC tab). We also created a memorial candle which we sold at our Dilla memorial party. The proceeds were donated to and we gave donuts to everyone who contributed. Thank you for that.
This year we’re not having a party, but we are auctioning off 3 prints of our memorial candle artwork. These are mockups we made that are in our private collection. Not for sale.
But if you’d like to own one, all you have to do is send an email (to hello@strdm.com) with your highest bid, and all of your contact information (include social media handles). The top three bids will be sent this framed piece and the proceeds from the sale will go to a good cause.
Please spread this around to anyone you know who might want this. Thanks, and happy Dilla Day.

PS. – The J Dilla memorial candle is back in our online store!

Almost Fall.

So after last week’s wetness, we are pretty much out of the summer mentality, right? It might not officially be Fall but it’s coming. We just thought we’d remind you hoodies and Autumn weather is the best time of year!
New stuff coming soon.


Girls come to El Paso

The legendary Girl skate team came through for a demo and signing at crooks skate shop and I was there to take bad photos. ¬†Sorry I couldn’t concentrate on something as dumb as photography when childhood heroes were standing next to me.